An Office in your Pocket: the Power of Mobile Integration

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Mobile integration is a feature of our Hosted Phone solution. It allows you to use any device in the place of an office phone, giving you a lot of extra freedom. 

Security coupled with convenience

Since you can use your cell phone, you might be concerned about security – but your office phone line is kept completely separate from all your personal info, meaning nobody will ever see your cell number or access any other info when you call.

Make calls with ease and comfort – and without any stress!

Unlimited mobility – work from everywhere

Office phones require you to be tethered to your desk at all times in order to be reachable by clients and co-workers. This limits you, especially on days where illness, poor weather, and other unexpected events make it impossible to get into the office.

If you’re working on a project with your team, being absent for a day would slow the project’s progress, but with mobile integration, you can still connect with your team, and work a normal day – even if you’re stuck at home!

You can also receive calls outside of the office in the event of an emergency, so you’ll always be prepared.

SMS functionality

SMS functionality makes it easy to offer services such as delivery. Once you arrive at the destination, you can send the customer a text to let them know you’re here.

SMS is also a preferable alternative to email for younger demographics – you’ll be getting better engagement and optimal results by implementing it into your interactions with clients.

Integration with multiple devices

The great thing about a cloud-based system is the versatility it allows. Mobile integration isn’t only limited to cell phones – you can even use your desktop to make and receive calls! 

If your phone dies or you misplace it, switching to another device is instant, so you’re never out of touch.

Bonus Features

The mobile integration feature allows you to do more than just call.

Voicemail messages take a long time to listen to, but voicemail transcription turns them into text and sends it to you in an email – which you can check on your phone and read easily!

Three-way calling and call transfer are also available for you to use on any device. You can even see the availability of your team members with the presence feature – especially useful for when you’re working remotely.

A valuable tool for your business

Mobile Integration is a super-useful tool – whether you’re working remotely or in the office, the flexibility it allows makes it that much easier to offer top-notch service to your clients!

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