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Business Phone System for Not For Profit Groups

The best phone solution for non-profits is a cloud phone solution. This cutting-edge technology saves costs and has the simplicity and flexibility necessary for a non-profit organization.

Remote Worker Support

Non-profit organizations succeed through the generous efforts of volunteers and dedicated staff who sometimes work around the clock. Staying available no matter where you are is easy with a cloud phone solution. Any mobile device can become an extension of your office line. Features like voicemail-to-email, answering rules, and Find Me/Follow Me make remote work simple.

Key features:

Auto-Attendant – Ensure every caller is greeted with the same message, and with the same level of professionalism.

Mobility – Remote workers can connect with ease. Our web phone can be accessed from any computer combined with a microphone and an internet connection or download our mobile app for Android and iOS.

Voicemail-to-email and Voicemail Transcription – stay connected in a way that’s most efficient for you, your voicemail arrives in transcribed text directly to your email inbox.

Find Me/Follow Me – allows you to have calls routed automatically to any phone. This means clients can call one number and reach you wherever you are, on any of your devices. You can set all your phones to ring simultaneously, or have them ring in sequence … and much more.

Giving Back

Running a non-profit organization requires a tremendous amount of resourcefulness. Every penny, every second, and every inch of office space counts. That’s why we offer 50% off to non-profit organizations. Also, a cloud phone system doesn’t require the purchase and installation of on-premises equipment, there is very little up-front cost. The only requirements are:

A high-speed internet connection

Power outlets, and

Phones (rental options available)

Web Phone

Visual Voicemail

Dial Pad with Easy Access to Recent Calls

Multi-Chat Board for Quick Communication Manage Answering Rules and Greetings Presence and Chat Indicators

Expanded Android/iOS Softphones

Keep your mobile number secret by using your office number on your mobile phone.


Visual Voicemail Change Answering Rules Remotely

Full Call History

Presence Indicators for co-workers

Free WiFi Calling anywhere in the world

Exceptional Features

Office Manager Web Portal A dedicated portal that lets you control all functions and features of your phone system.

User Web Portal

An easy to use web portal for each user to review call logs, listen to and manage voicemail and change personal settings.

Automated Attendant/ Virtual Receptionist

Streamline efficiency with an Automated Attendant to answer and direct all your inbound calls. You can optionally configure to have live answer before the Automated Attendant kicks in. Incoming callers select options from a menu to reach the appropriate department or individual.

  • Different greetings for day  or night
  • Holiday schedule and greetings
  • Dial by name directory
  • Transfer to external numbers automatically

Add On Features

Toll Free Number

Add a new toll free number or let us move your existing toll free number. Toll Free numbers allow anyone in Canada and the US to reach you without the caller incurring any long distance charges.

Internet Fax

Easily send faxes via the web or email. Receive faxes via the Web or in your email as an easy-to-file-or forward PDF document.

Portal Fax

Use your phone portal account to send and receive personal faxes in PDF format. Faxes will be forwarded to your email for attention.

Voicemail Transcription

Have your voicemail messages emailed to you as written transcripts, with audio files attached.

Greeting Changes

Changes to your greetings are available. Fees apply to each order which could include single or multiple recording changes done at the same time. You can upload and record your own greetings at no charge anytime.

Conference Calling

Full web control and recording for inbound calling. Also add outbound called participants from the portal.

Included Features

Voicemail to Email

Callers go directly to voicemail when Receive voicemail as an audio file attached to email. Can be played back on your smartphone. Also see optional Voicemail Transcription.

Hunt Groups

Calls can be forwarded to multiple users or telephone numbers that will ring all at the same time or in a sequence you define. For example, the sales or service team can be in a hunt group.

Mobile Softphone

Use an extension on the go using chrome with any computer and microphone. Compact and expanded views give users the choice to see active chats, answering rules, voicemail messages, and more.

Simultaneous Ring

Callers go directly to voicemail when Same as Find Me – Follow Me, allows you to program many numbers where you can be called in a cascading or simultaneous order.

Time Frames

Easy drag and drop scheduler to set your office hours and call routing.


Every user gets their own voicemail to securely check messages from the phone, or a website from anywhere in the world.

Multiple Devices

Callers go directly to voicemail when You can register multiple devices for each extension. For example you could have your office phone, a softphone on your mobile device and another phone at your home and all could ring at the same time.

Ten-digit Dialing

No need to dial 9 or even 1 to make a long distance call.

Music and Messages on Hold

Upload your customized recordings. We can also record your message for you.

Mobile Apps

Callers go directly to voicemail when y Tablet, smartphone and computer apps are available to allow dialing to and from these mobile devices from a WiFi or cellular network.

On Demand Call Recording

Records calls on your extension with simple keystrokes, record what you want, when you want.

Company Call Recording

Automatically record some or all company phone calls and save them

Do Not Disturb

Callers go directly to voicemail when you don’t want to be interrupted.

Emergency Assistance (911)

Set an address for individual extensions (users) or for your entire company so that responders know where to send help in the event of an emergency.

Find Me – Follow Me

Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring all at the same time or in a sequence you define.

Caller ID and Name Display

Know who is calling before you answer with name and number display.

Caller ID Block

Block your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls.

Click to Dial

Users can click to dial numbers and return calls in call history from their User Web Portal.

Call Screening

Callers are required to record their name, and you get an audible option to accept/decline.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another user or outside phone number

Call Blocking

Block unwanted and/or anonymous callers.

Conference (3 Way Calling)

Add another outgoing call to an already connected call.

Call Forward

Selectable options on forward always, forward on busy, when unanswered or when offline. You can also redirect calls to your mobile phone/external phone number or a user inside your office.

Call Hold

Easily puts a call on hold while you answer another call.

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