Security & Surveillance

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The safety of yourself and others is always a key concern, whether it be at home or at work. Having a security system keeps you safe and protected 24/ 7. Our security systems don’t just let you know a crime has happened; they help prevent it. All our security & surveillance products work together to create a fully custom integrated system that ensures your home and business are always protected.

Building Alarm Systems

Building Alarm Systems – installs of any size for residential, commercial and industrial settings. We can custom design and install an alarm system to meet your specific needs and provide peace of mind that your property is secure. The components of our systems go beyond just door & motion sensors. We can make your home or business security smarter with our wide range of security products. With options to automate system control, our easy to use keypads, wireless sensors and more, our security systems provide you with sophisticated solutions designed to work together seamlessly. 

Access Control

We provide a full range of access control solutions that give you the piece of mind that your business and its occupants are secure. With our systems you can prevent access to unauthorized individuals while allowing in those who have been approved. At the same time you can restrict access to sensitive areas of your buildings. Our systems are scalable for workplaces of any size and shape. 

Video Surveillance

Keeping track of what goes on around your home or business on your own can be a full time job. Having a security camera system can help detect intruders and deter presence, protect your packages deliveries and ensure that you can always be aware of the state of your property. Along with the ability to detect line crossing and intrusion, our systems can be configured with facial recognition, stranger detection, high frequency alarms, non sensing face detection, facial comparisons and more. So whether you’re after just a simple monitoring solution or comprehensive AI powered protection we have you covered.