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Meridian Technical Services is a leading provider of technical & communications products and services operating in Western Canada and based in Lloydminster.  Our technicians have over 90 Years combined technical and communications experience!

No internet? No Problem.
If you are still depending on an old analog based PBX to do your day to day operations you are on borrowed time. Teclos around the world are petitioning to move the old school analog phone to legacy status and this means …
6 Benefits of a Call-Back Solution
Do you know anyone who likes to wait on hold? Neither do we. A majority of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent and they prefer a call-back over waiting on hold. What is a call-back? Call-back technology …
8 Ways a Cloud Phone System Improves Business Communications
More than just a phone system, a cloud-based phone solution helps businesses manage voice information across the internet. The innovative technology solves many problems that commonly hinder productive communication.  Here are 8 great benefits that could help grow your business to the …
  • Commercial Grade Audio and Video
  1. Commercial Grade Audio and Video
  2. Structured Cabling
  3. Cell Boosters
  4. Hosted Phone Systems
  5. Premise Based Telephone Systems
  6. Fiber Optics
  7. Wireless Solutions
  8. Security & Surveillance