No internet? No Problem.

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If you are still depending on an old analog based PBX to do your day to day operations you are on borrowed time. Teclos around the world are petitioning to move the old school analog phone to legacy status and this means moving forward hosted phones are the de facto standard.

We’ve seen this change coming and developed the most cost effective versatile hosted phone solution, that not only saves you time & money but also provides unprecedented levels of collaboration, flexabilty, control and mobility.

What if my internet goes down?”

Of course this all begs the question “How do I continue to communicate if I lose my internet?” Luckily we have a couple of solutions.

  1. For every seat we include the ability to utilize the UC Softphone which allows you to use almost any iOS or Android device to make and receive phone calls as if it was your desk-phone itself. End callers will see the caller ID coming from your main office protecting your privacy and maintaining you operational effectiveness.
  2. If your internet goes down it affects more than your phone calls, the point of sale systems, and workstations are rendered almost useless, we can work with your IT firm to establish and configure a fail-over connection so in the event of an outage all your systems will remain working, not just your phones.

Uninterrupted communications are key for any business to be successful and we at Meridian Technical Services have the knowledge, experience and services to keep you operating at maximum potential.

Reach out to an MTS rep today and get started!

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