8 Ways a Cloud Phone System Improves Business Communications

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More than just a phone system, a cloud-based phone solution helps businesses manage voice information across the internet. The innovative technology solves many problems that commonly hinder productive communication. 

Here are 8 great benefits that could help grow your business to the next level.

1. Clear Communication with Less Travel

A cloud phone system allows associates to speak to each other by conference call or live video conference across the internet. This is great for companies that operate regionally or globally – not everyone has the time to travel for long-distance meetings. And less travelling means less expense, so you save time and money.

2. Maintain Control of Your Own System

You can easily manage your cloud phone system online from anywhere and at any time. See valuable statistics and add users in minutes. Drag and drop phone calls right in your browser for your busy reception positions. You can even add and remove features at your leisure.

3. Flexible Availability

These days, finding the right person at the right time requires added flexibility. Features like Find Me, Follow Me and Hide Me make it possible for your employees and customers to connect when it matters. And sometimes your staff needs to turn off and enjoy the moment. 

A cloud phone makes it happen. With flexible scheduling, calls reach the right people wherever they are, when needed.

4. Efficient Call Management

Call Queuing encourages your customers to wait on the line instead of hanging up and dialing a competitor. Menu options ask questions to find out where to direct the customer. Once the right department is identified, they’re passed straight through. In busy times, calls are held in priority sequence. You can even offer a call back – holding their spot in line for the next available employee instead of passing them around. 

Managing your customers more efficiently is always good for business.

5. Route Calls Successfully

In most organizations, staff aren’t glued to their office chairs for the entire work day. They move around because there are things to do or important clients to see. That’s where the ability to route calls with a cloud phone solution comes in handy. 

Our system makes it easy to connect. It will call different numbers associated with the employee (e.g. office phone then cell phone or home phone) and if they’re still unavailable, leave a message on their voicemail.

6. Voicemail Made Easy

Sometimes messages do get mismanaged, causing stress and confusion for the person getting the voicemail and the intended recipient. But with a cloud phone system you can minimize the impact of these situations. 

Voicemail-to-Email & Transcription allow you to choose to receive messages in your email as audio attachments, along with written transcripts of each message. The flexibility to forward these transcripts with the click of a button makes quick work of team communication as well. No more long-winded attempts at passing on important information.

7. Analytics at Work

A cloud phone system can gather a range of telecommunications data so you better understand what’s going on with your phone network. Know what time of day your company receives the most calls, as well as average wait time for callers. You can use this wealth of data to make any necessary changes to improve services.

8. Expand & Scale Your Business

The internet, along with new communications technology, allows companies to expand far and wide thanks to better broadband capacity. Being able to manage large call volumes cost-effectively is now helping lots of companies to grow.

Meridian’s phone solution has a range of benefits that help businesses perform at a higher level. If you’re looking to improve efficiency, this could be the winning formula.

To learn more about Meridian Technical Services Business Phone and the great features it has to offer, contact us today!